Abstract Submission

1. When is it possible to submit an abstract for EANS2019?
2. Where can I submit my abstract?
3. How do I submit an abstract I want to be considered for presentation at EANS2019?
4. For which topics can I submit an abstract?
5. Can I make changes to the abstract in the electronic submission system?
6. How many abstracts can be submitted by one presenting author?

Contact for Questions & Problems

7. Who can I contact if I have general questions about EANS2019 abstract submission?
8. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the electronic submission of my abstract?

Presenting Author & Registration to EANS2019

9. Can I change the presenting author after the abstract has been submitted?
10. Is it necessary to register for EANS2019 if I want my abstract to be presented?
11. Until when do I have to register for the EANS2019 Congress if I am the presenting author of an abstract?
12. Where can I register for EANS2019?
13. Can I register as a speaker?

Notifications of Acceptance & Type of Presentation

14. When will I be notified whether my abstract was accepted?
15. How will I be informed whether my abstract was accepted?
16. What types of presentation of abstracts will be possible?
17. How and when will I receive more details regarding the type of presentation to which my abstract has been allocated?


18. What are the abstract awards categories?
19. What are the prizes for the EANS2019 Best Abstract and Poster Award winners?
20. When will the award winners be announced and the awards presented?