1. Where can I register for EANS2019?
2. I have an existing registration account from EANS2018 last year. Can I use it again?
3. What is the „MyUserArea“?
4. How can I register for the reduced faculty fee?
5. I am faculty member and received an e-mail to register for the congress. What to do next?
6. For Students, nurses & residents: I uploaded the required documents for registration (e.g. passport, student card, letter from work, ...) but it failed. Can I send the documents via e-mail?
7. My status of registration is still named „Confirmation missing“. What to do?
8. What happens if I missed the early bird/standard registration deadline?
9. What is the Personal ID and how can I use it?
10. What is the QR-Code for badge print?
11. How can I use my QR-Code?
12. Where can I find my QR-Code for badge print?
13. Where can I find my invoice?
14. How can I receive my certificate of attendance/CME certificate?
15. Whom can I contact if I have general questions about EANS2019 registration?