Travel Grant


The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis according to the following criteria

Candidates have to be neurosurgeons 40 years of age or under at the time of EANS2019 (whether qualified or in training): born on September 24, 1979 or later.

Candidates have to live and work in countries which are categorized as the World Bank Low Income or Lower Middle Income – seeHERE

Candidates have to submit an abstract for the EANS2019 congress and the abstract needs to be accepted (notification of acceptance will be sent after submission).


Do not register now! You will receive instructions after your application has been reviewed!

The following documents are required for a valid application – all in English

  Personal Statement
of one A4 page outlining why and how attending EANS2019 would be of benefit to you

(maximum 2 pages)

of the institution/hospital/university you work for (with stamp & signature)

  Copy of passport identity page

We will not accept application documents via e-mail. Applicants will have to upload all files during the abstract submission. No application will be accepted by e-mail. Changing documents after submission is not possible.

  Abstract Submission